Character Art
Studio Character Props Showcase and Breakdown
Studio Character - Breakdown

The Studio character is a thoughtfully crafted masterpiece, composed of an array of diverse props and accessories that showcase an extraordinary attention to detail. In this presentation, we thoroughly break down and offer turnarounds of the character, allowing you to appreciate every nuance woven into this exceptional creation. Among the elements that contribute to the character's allure are a finely crafted helmet, a stylish vest, a carefully designed outfit, vest accessories, footwear that complements the ensemble, and a striking gas mask.

This legendary character came to life through the collaborative efforts of our four highly skilled artists. Employing an industry-standard pipeline, we navigated every step of the creative process with care to ensure the character's authenticity and visual appeal. Our commitment to transforming your concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring realities remains unwavering.

At Kalki, our team of talented artists is driven by a passion for taking on challenging projects and bringing legendary games to life. With dedication and creativity at the forefront of our approach, we eagerly embrace the opportunity to turn your visions into extraordinary interactive experiences.