We are
Kalki Game Studio

We Started just fresh with the burning desire to build something that will Unquestionably Impact the gaming industry in positive ways, we are always ready to conquer challenges, we work with versatile industry pipelines and ever Improving Artists, and we are based in the heart of India and we believe in our ethical values of "ग्राहक देवो भव" (Grahak Devo Bhava) A customer-centric Indian philosophy that focuses on customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.
We started our journey in the year 2022 with the Mission to provide the best Game Art services to the best games in the industry, We are working on building our region as a mainstream game art-producing hub.

Our services

Character and Creature Modeling
Our team of passionate artists can design anything from realistic humans to fantastical creatures.
Weapon and Props Modeling
We have a deep understanding of game design principles, and we create props and weapons that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Vehicle modeling
We take great pleasure in the creation of amazing Tanks, Trucks, Cars, Military Vehicles, and many others, We work both smart and hard to bring your vision to life.
We bring your characters and creatures to life with expert rigging, ensuring smooth and natural movement.
Proficiency in tools
We are proficient in a wide range of industry-standard tools, allowing us to create art of the highest quality.

Our vision

Our Vision is to be the catalyst for the fusion of diverse artistic styles, and cultural influences. and cutting-edge technologies, creating games that resonate universally and tell stories beyond language

Meet the team

Aman Borana
Aman Singh Borana
Robert Long
Ram Kumar Patel
Viktoria Freeman
Chetan Barod